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Alliant is the leader in the prevention, inspection, and eradication of bed bugs - specializing in the hospitality industry. By performing regular K-9 Inspections for bed bugs by a fully accredited Bed Bug Scent Detection K-9, we eliminate heavy bed bug infestations in hotel rooms, rapidly decreasing the chance of the bed bugs spreading to surrounding rooms and biting more guests. When bed bugs are found, we eradicate the infestation using heat and reducing pesticide usage - creating a safer environment for guests, and providing a rapid turn around time. 


We are fully accredited, licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of California. Alliant services beautiful San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire.  Our fully-trained and accredited Bed Bug Scent Detection Dogs and Certified Handlers perform inspections quickly, accurately, and professionally. All of our services are performed discreetly and confidentially. Protecting your reputation is our highest priority. 

Leaders in the Preventation of Bed Bugs Infestations

Be Proactive There isn't a single hotel who hasn't experienced bed bugs. The typical bed bug protocol for hotels is to react to bed bug complaints. Call the 'bug guy' and see when they can get out to inspect the room. Don't rely on a jack-of-all-trades company to depend solely on their eyesight to search an entire hotel room for a bug that is smaller than an apple seed. The same bug that causes refunds, lawsuits, and worst of all - a ruined reputation overnight. 

Eradicate Infestations In Hours

Proven. Effective. Fast.  Bed bugs and bed bug eggs cannot survive at temperatures above 120 degrees. When heating infested areas, we slowly raise the temperature in the room and/or on the infested items. This allows the bed bugs to continue to harbor as normal. Once the temperature hits the Bed Bug Thermal Death Point, bed bugs are stopped dead in their tracks. This method reduces the need to rely on chemicals and also removes allergens, mites, and bacteria. Typical treatments can be performed in under one business day - eliminating lost revenue due to bed bugs.

Building Partnerships

We believe that your guests are our guests and we take bed bug prevention seriously. You will receive a customized bed bug solution with 24 hour solutions. We encourage managers and staff to go through Alliant's Bed Bug Awareness Program to educate staff on bed bugs and how easily they can infest hotels. By proactively training new and veteran staff alike, signs of bed bugs may be found by your staff as part of their regular cleaning. This could prevent your guests from finding them first. Alliant is always available-always by your side.

K9 Inspections

Alliant will quickly come to your location in discreet vehicles with a fully accredited K9 (scent detection dog) and K9 Handler to inspect for bed bugs and their eggs. Our canines have over 97% success rate in finding only LIVE bed bugs and VIABLE eggs. Detailed service report included. More info

Heat Treatments

There is one thing pests cannot survive - HEAT! By slowly raising the temperature on the bed bug infested items (headboards, mattresses, box springs, etc.) to 135 degrees Fahrenheit we are able to eradicate ALL stages of the bed bug and bed bug eggs - within hours and without heavy pesticide usage. This equals a faster and safer turnaround time.

Other Services

Alliant offers multiple services to eliminate bed bugs in any situation. For custom jobs and quotes, please call us directly, or email us and expect a prompt reply.